A Complete Guide to Data Visualization Tools for You

by Komal Mishra
Nov 24 7 min read

A Brief

While citing ‘data visualization’, we mean the graphical version of information and data. Visual features such as charts, graphs, and maps are essential tools for data visualization. These tools give a handy way to the viewers to look at and comprehend various trends and patterns present in the data.

What you need?

Data visualization stands as one of the most motivating and methodological techniques for presenting a piece of data. Not merely a vast data bank, you also need to possess an extremely helpful and well-equipped data visualization tool. Have you been searching for a good data visualization tool for your business? This blog post will help you get through the top 10 free data visualization tools, out of which, you can choose one as per your business demand. So, let’s get started.

Top 10 Data Visualization Tools

#1 Candela

Candela is the most popular and preferred tool when it’s time to get an open-source data visualization tool. This tool performs on Kitware’s resonant platform, thereby offering a wide range of elements for data visualization. It facilitates you to develop superior visualizations, which are both scalable and accessible in a standardized API.

#2 Charted

Charted is another good automatic data visualization free tool built up by yet another globally famous blogging platform—Medium. It stands among the most updated data visualization tools as it is specialized with data re-enticing in every 30 minutes. It is also well suited to everyone as it functions with various types of files and is also considered the finest for improvised handling.

#3 D3.js

It is an open-source JavaScript library, which is certainly the most excellent in terms of developing interactive data visualization in the web browser. D3.js also lets influential data visualization mechanism and carries a data-driven tactic to DOM (Document Object Model) handling. It functions on a random series of connections, better known as selections.

#4 Chart JS

It is an open-source clean charting library that is retained by a community. This data visualization tool works on JavaScript and assists various data scientists to develop data visualizations.

# 5 Leaflet

This tool works great as a JavaScript library for developing interactive mobile maps. A highly functional, user-friendly tool, Leaflet is a very lightweight one. Moreover, it is a very flexible tool that works well on every desktop and mobile and holds a well-familiar API for superior execution.

#6 Datawrapper

This open-source data visualization tool is exceptionally mobile-friendly and assists data experts in developing accurate, easy, and feasible data charts in just a few minutes. You can access Datawrapper in both paid and free versions.

#7 Dygraphs

If we talk about a charting library that is open-source as well as JavaScript-based, we place Dygraphs on the top of the list. Users can work on dense data sets and discover their purpose well with this data visualization tool. However, you need some prerequisites with simple web programming at the user’s end.

#8 RAW Graphs

Hitherto, RAW is the most supple and helpful data visualization tool. All you need is to just copy-paste or cut-paste and upload, after which it will provide a link to the data that is to be handled, ultimately creating a broad range of visualizations mostly in charts form. Even a non-programmer can use it easily.

#9 ColorBrewer

ColorBrewer is a free tool and is designed to help you identify the right color schemes for your data visualization ventures and maps. A wonderful platform to look if a selected color theme goes well with your specified visual, ColorBrewer offers a big list of data classes to select one for yourself.

#10 Chartist

Chartist will be your primary choice in case you’ve been looking forward to creating extremely receptive, scalable, and adaptable data charts. This open-source data visualization tool helps you to select standard methods with a lot of suppleness and separates the segments of the venture separated by colors for a clear understanding.

With so many tools to choose from, data visualization becomes an essential fragment of how your tasks and viewpoints are presented as audience and users. A substantially reliable data visualization tool will help you to epitomize all your work and judgments in an enormously interactive and presentable way, without obstructing the true functionality of your data.

by Komal Mishra

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