AI in 2020 and Beyond

by Arun Prakash
May 18 7 min read

AI in 2020 and Beyond

In the past two decades, Artificial Intelligence has grown from being a rudimentary idea to powering nearly every modern device. Peering into the future promises its exponential growth to encapsulate the vision of sci-fi culture today.

What Does it Mean for the Modern Industry?

AI of today, with its roots in machine learning, finds itself powering nearly every industry ranging from medical research to AI-powered restaurant waiters. It is no longer a bold claim to say that no industry has been left untouched by the wave of AI technology.

AI in Science and Research

Combing through vast amount of chemical combinations to find just the right balance that delivers a potent drug has only been possible because of artificially intelligent systems that can handle data faster than human minds.

Recently researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology have leveraged its powerful AI platforms into discovering a new class of drugs: halicin, that can help wipe out many dangerous bacteria.

AI in Transport

Services like Google Maps have been vital in faster travel, feeding on live data to leverage AI towards deciding the fastest way to your destination.

AI in Home and Everyday Life

AI already finds many uses in our homes, with home assistants like Alexa or Google Home, that allow you to place orders, play songs or make calls within a single conversation.

Even our online shopping experiences are tailored by AI to show products based on our shopping history which most often interest us.

What Does AI Present for the Future?

With constant research and funds being pumped into the field of AI and Machine Learning, it promises to be one of the fastest growing fields of 21st century. It presents exciting opportunities to propel growth in nearly all modern fields into a new age of communication and coherence.

Building the Economy with AI

Many stock building or trading algorithms will become stronger and stagger the effect of man-made mistakes while still reaping benefits of guided learning. Recognizing patterns of growth or downfall in the market will help guide the national economy growth.

Advancing Healthcare with AI

Many wearable modern devices like smartwatches are able to smartly monitor health parameters like heartbeat, while learning from the wearer’s daily activity to analyze cyclic usage patterns and provide daily suggestions.

The world of AI wearables presents exciting opportunities for dynamically screening health parameters of millions of users every day.

Building Personal Assistants

Many personal assistants are already powering everyday devices like smartwatches, phones and laptops. With extensive research into this field, AI is fundamentally changing the way we hold conversations with our machines; from single line commands today to a more immersive dialogue in the not-so-distant future.

A Small Peek in the Future with AI

Many AI algorithms like speech recognition for advanced talk back in personal assistants, image processing techniques and even fingerprint recognition promise a more immersive reality of the future where man and machine blend relentlessly.

Imagine waking up to your phone saying hello with an order for coffee at your nearest café automatically placed, while your personal robot lays out your clothes for the day based on your style: all powered by the fundamentals of AI.

With rapid advances being made in the broad branches of AI and its sister fields of deep tech, we can expect all of that to become a hopeful reality.

by Arun Prakash

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