Cost-Effective Cloud Solutions: Oracle’s Pitch for Affordability

by Arun Prakash
Jan 10 7 min read

A Brief

AI is the rage right now. Pop an “.ai” at the end of your startup name and countless Silicon Valley investors will materialize carrying blank cheques to value your company at upwards of $1,000,000 while all you know about Python is that it is a snake.

But where would you host your capabilities? Where would you manage, access, and manipulate the tons of data that your AI model may need at its fingertips? Buying your own storage and mounting hard drives upon hard drives can only get you so far. This is not only true for the case of an AI firm but is an equally valid concern across businesses of different types and sizes. Whether you sell electronics, FMCGs, clothing,or even just services, having an access-anywhere manipulable base of data is foundational towards expanding or even building your business.

Obviously, you don’t want to cheap out on such an integral part of modern business, but you also want to make sure that you’re getting the best bang for your buck. It is at this point that you want to go for cost-effective cloud solutions which are easily scalable , efficient, and offer deep functionalities.

Plan Flexibly

In a dynamic business environment, having to limit your business decisions according to what your cloud provider can offer is a losing game plan. You never know what curveball tomorrow’s day may throw at you. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and related cloud services, you have a lot of flexibility to mold your cloud infrastructure to suit your business.

OCI Compute

You have a solid business expansion idea in mind, and you know how much your cloud infra needs to grow for it. Unfortunately, some of your cloud provider’s unnecessary features and pricing for the nexttier are burning a hole in your pocket when you only needed a few extra cores and terabytes of storage.

This is where OCI Compute comes in.It helps you eliminate unnecessary spending by creating highly customized expansion/development plans. It allows you to increase your compute size by as little as a single CPU core or 1GB/core on your VM, GPU, bare metal, or high-performance computing instances.

On average, monthly VM costs with OCI are up to 50% less* than that of competitors.

*For an AMD, 4 vCPU, 16GB setup.

Oracle block storage capabilities cost up to 60% less than its competitors at the same level of IOPS and throughput.

Oracle Universal Credits

Oracle’s universal credits offer a unique way to pay for the OCI service (including any future releases) in any region – truly opening up your global cloud strategy. It primarily works through an annual commitment and a pay-as-you-go model.

Annual Commitment

  • You purchase a prepaid number of Universal Credits and only commit to an annual expenditure limit. When and how you spend the credits within the year is completely up to you. This flexibility gives you the freedom to try out any OCI service without being locked in while also lending some budget leeway to your business.
  • Credits may be spent on any service in any region.
  • You can always purchase extra credits if you run out before the end of the year.
  • Bulk purchasing of Universal Credits also enables custom discount offerings designed to fit your use case.

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG)

  • As the name suggests, you can also quickly provision serviceswith no commitment and are only charged for what you use. There’s no upfront commitment and no minimum service period.
  • The PAYG model limits possibilities of discounts as bulk purchases are limited in scope.

Consistent Global Pricing

Let’s say you have an amazing product, and it is selling faster than hot tea on a cold winter morning. Your consultancy team finds out there’s a huge demand for it on the other side of the globe as well and you are confident you can capture the market. However, your current cloud provider’s exorbitant data egress pricing and varying (often higher) prices for dissimilar cloud services across the globe are hindering your plans for expansion.

Oracle offers similar pricingplans for the same cloud services across global regions (including government regions) allowing you to enjoy the seamless OCI services and capabilities across the globe. This clears up unnecessary worry about getting the same value out of your cloud investments anywhere on the map.

Oracle offers up to 30% more consistent global pricing than competitors while keeping prices lower by at least 40-50% across cloud services

Consistent global pricing and bespoke OCI Compute has helped Oracle to deliver up to 3x better price-to-performance ratio than peers.

Highly Affordable Networking

Even after setting up your cloud infrastructure for dimes on the dollar, running costs can quickly go sky-high – especially if you intend to move large amounts of data (upwards of 50-100TB a month) across global regions.

This means that all the cloud storage in the world would be of little use if not backed up by reasonable pricing for getting your data from point A to point B. Oracle ties up affordable networking with its consistent global pricing efforts to deliver a seamless cloud experience.

Data egress with Oracle costs up to 80% less on average than competitors when compared across global regions.

Oracle’s free 10TB of monthly data outbound on public networks is ~5000x higher than competition – allowing you to save more than 70% compared to other providers.

Oracle Support Rewards

This ties in with Oracle Universal Credit to enable even greater savings – you get $0.25 for every dollar you spend on OCI services. This accrued Support Reward can then be used to pay off tech support bills for Oracle products. And of course, Universal Credit purchases count towards it, therefore enabling double savings.

Moreover, if you opt for an Unlimited License Agreement, the savings go up to $0.33 for every dollar.


Oracle has been making great strides in offering customers the best value forworld class cloud services. Through innovative payment strategies like Universal Credit, and heavy investing in cloud tech like networking and computing, It hasbeen successful in bringing cloud infra costs down to make cloud accessible for business of varying sizes across the world.

by Arun Prakash

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