Innovative & Enhanced Oracle Enterprise Command Centers

by Priya Choudhary
Nov 23 7 min read

The Oracle Enterprise Command Centre (ECC) is a dashboard management system built for the modern business. Leveraging the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) framework, it makes informed decisions for business growth easier with a slew of data management and display systems packaged in an intuitive GUI built for the digital revolution.

A large library of built-in customizable commands and interactive visual components makes each data analysis thorough and highly individualized. Powered by the Oracle ECC, a detailed comprehension of data patterns makes information-driven growth easier for your organization.

Why Implement Oracle ECC?

The Enterprise Command Centre provides for a flexible architecture to build efficient data management interfaces and business dashboards. Driven by data, implementing the Oracle ECC into your decision-making cycle builds solid grounds for stronger growth.

Implementing the ECC framework into your Oracle E-Business Suite frees up essential time by allowing you to capitalize on your priority transactions while overcoming the restrictions of custom operational reporting.

Customizing Growth with Oracle ECC

The Oracle Enterprise Command Centre comes with dedicated support for extensible user-specific features; It’s a highly customizable platform to develop data guided discovery of the next step towards growth through advanced visualizations of the user’s needs.

Driving the Future with Oracle ECC

Informed use of generated data leverages the modern ECC setup to deliver categorized information in an intuitive GUI package. With built-in filters as well as versatile support for user-defined filters, an ECC-enabled dashboard powers data-driven decisions within your organization with relative ease.

Productivity on-the-go

Apart from its versatile business implementations, its interactive cross-platform interface means connectivity and ease of use remain no issue across desktop or mobile environments.

Key Benefits

With fast background support we make sure our clients receive the best of enterprise services we offer. This includes leveraging the Oracle ECC framework towards building the individually suited dashboards for your organization.

  • Deploying updates on-the-go without having to change your EBS database each instance.
  • An intuitive and powerful dashboard interface featuring interactive data representation and visualization.
  • Providing extensive exploratory data analyses with support for both mobile and desktop platforms.
  • Building unique Insights to make both present and future decision-making processes easier and informed.

Building Your Dashboard with Atomic North

We understand the needs of the modern business looking to scale up their operations. We help you enable exponential growth within your organization delivering highly individualized packages incorporating Oracle EBS coupled with the ECC framework as a coherent whole.

With a strong intuition for realizing cutting-edge developments in our services, we have inculcated a powerful Oracle ECC setup into our service portfolio to deliver data management and representation systems which are a class apart to our clients.

by Priya Choudhary

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