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Engagement Model

The engagement model is a plan that describes the specifics of collaboration between a customer and a vendor during the project development. The process begins with both parties setting priorities for what should be looked at when developing and placing on the agenda for further discussion. This would include, but not limited to, what will be delivered by the project, how the product or service will be provided or transformed into knowledge-based sustainable economic development (KESED), and what stakeholders are included in this dialogue.

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The most popular engagement model scenarios.

Atomic North has all the benefits and offers the best quality engagement models to your organization. Some of the most popular engagement models are as:

Dedicated Offshore Team

The team is dedicated to the customer’s requirements. The offshore team will have a virtual office with document sharing and video conferencing capabilities and other tools that can provide real-time communication. The customer may also choose to take advantage of customer service in the local language or with native speakers of the same language, etc.

Shared Support Model

The shared support model is the most popular engagement model. In the shared support model, there are three stakeholders in this collaboration. This includes the vendor, customer, and third-party stakeholders. The third-party stakeholder will bring a different perspective to understand every point of view in this project. This may include input from financial analysts, marketing specialists, or someone who can provide feedback on legal aspects of a contract working on this project with the company providing services for the customer.

Build Your Team (Build-Operate-Transfer)

The Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model is a type of business model that is used when the company desires to enter an industry. It is also known as the build, operate, transfer or BOT model. The idea behind this process follows in the information technology (IT) sector where a company takes all or part of an existing IT service provider’s infrastructure and provides it with management services so it can run efficiently on its behalf. No new infrastructure needs to be built independently from the pre-existing one and existing employees who remained with this IT service provider become employees of the customer once they have agreed to transfer ownership.

Atomic North will provide dedicated offshore team with a virtual office with document sharing and video conferencing capabilities as per your need.

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