A Holistic Approach to Application Management Services

Application Management Services
If you want to get the most from the productivity suites and software tools you deploy, you need to have an application management strategy. Given the wide variety of on-premise and cloud-based solutions most organizations use to run their business, it can be tough to keep on top of the application management process without outside expertise. Atomic North’ application management services leverage next generation technologies and best practices to keep your applications running optimally so you can use them to move your business forward.

An End-to-End Application Management Process

Atomic North knows application management is a critical part of any IT team’s agenda, but that any application management process is constrained by time and resources. Our application management services take an end-to-end approach, backed by a team with extensive knowledge and deep expertise in the leading platforms customers are deploying today as part of their digital transformation efforts.

We complement our team of experts with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to help automate application management and bring innovation to the application management process. Atomic North application management services enables customers to continually and cost effectively evolve their IT environments, including those in the cloud, to securely meet demands of the business.

Our application management services are grounded in ITIL and start with the requirements phase by collaborating with our customer to clearly identify what new applications or updates will meet business goals. From there, Atomic North applies its agile and systematic application implementation approach that includes a roadmap for success that is iteratively revised and revisited to ensure applications are deployed and updated on schedule. Where required, our application management services can integrate and unify applications, databases and legacy systems across your organization—Atomic North’ application management approach recognizes the desire for customers to leverage existing technology investments while also taking advantage of modern cloud platforms.

We can also provide bespoke development in scenarios where the best solution is to adapt off-the shelf software or build custom applications from scratch. The application management process continues through to the quality assurance and test phase so that any potential problems are prevented before applications go into production.