Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

As the term suggests, digital transformation is the course of employing digital technologies to develop new or revise present business attributes and customer experiences to link up with the ever changing business and market needs and objectives. This is what digital transformation is—to match up with the existing digital era!

Digital transformation starts and ends with the customer. Thus, customer satisfaction is the topmost priority for any business.

Digitization, Digitalization and Digital Transformation—the Key Difference

Digitization is the transformation of analog to digital system of working. With the advent of computers, most businesses transformed from physical documents to digital computer files, and this what we call digitization!

What’s in?

  • Searching and sharing info has become so easy and quick now.
  • Computer operating systems are even designed as per the icons of file folders so that we feel acquainted to this new system of working.
  • Data efficiency is more accurate for businesses as compared to analog system.

Digitalization is the usage of digital data to streamline the working.

What’s in?

  • Digitalization is not just about modifying the way you do business or building a new type of business. It is more about making the process much faster and improved so that your data is easily accessible and is not trapped in any archive.
  • It changed the customer service process forever, thereby creating customer records easily and quickly retrievable.

Digital transformation evolved when people began to generate ideas for employing business technology in innovative ways instead of focusing on just doing employing the same old technology. Digital transformation allowed two things to happen, in completely new ways.

What’s in?

  • Adds value to customer service
  • Modifies the way in which business gets done, at times, building new and innovative types of businesses
  • Helps the companies in revising all they have been doing so far, with a completely fresh perspective

Let’s take an example of Netflix. Digitalization provided Netflix the aptitude to not just stream video content straight away to the viewers/customers, but also to attract exceptionally well vision into the watching habits and favorites. This is what we call digital transformation getting into action—seizing benefit of existing technologies to notify how a business drives.

When there was no Netflix, viewers prefer to rent the movies by visiting the stores personally and surfing all the shelves of tapes and discs to get something of their choice. Netflix brought in a complete revolution in this trend. And now, there are digital content libraries serving you to personalize your type of movies on your own personal devices, along with most suitable recommendations and reviews as per your likings.

Fit your business into digital transformation

We know that digital transformation has radically reformed the way businesses manage customer service. Earlier, a company has to wait for customers to come and notice you, either by contacting you in person or by dialing a phone number. With the growth of social media service has changed the service a lot as it has altered the way of advertising, marketing and sales. Advanced companies use social media to expand their services by knowing the customers on the basis of social media they choose.

Why Atomic North?

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