Key Factors That Keep OCI Ahead of Amazon’s AWS Solution

by Balit Saxena
Oct 30, 2020

Shall we choose OCI or Amazon’s AWS solution? You must have thought or heard a similar question somewhere, sometime in the business world. In this article, we would be evaluating why OCI solution stays ahead of AWS solution.

Performance advantage over AWS

Oracle has a good collection of unique compute components that empowers it to propose greater performance delivery within the implantation of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Let us detail it further. Oracle stands as the establishment of the industry’s first high-performance bare-metal occurrences. It has been determined that Oracle bare metal with attached block volumes come up with a 2-5x superior performance as compared to AWS EC2 i3. metal, establishing itself as an excellent and consistent performer.

When it comes to critical developments in novelty and efficiency that companies get on the business end, it is clear why OCI is the first choice among EBS customers who not just want to increase their technical performance, but also ensure that these operational developments serve justifiable business value through the enterprise.

All in all, if you have high performance rigorous tasks like HPC workloads, vital database applications and I/O intensive web apps, OCI stalls as a promising solution.

Storage Pricing

The storage pricing of Oracle's cloud is less than AWS'. More to it, Oracle also provides a substantial cost advantage to those users who want to transfer data out of the cloud. If we compare it with AWS, out data transfer from AWS' S3 to the internet begins at $0.09 per GB just after the 1st GB, while Oracle outward data transfers come free of cost in the first 10 TB per month, after which it costs just $0.0085 per GB. This certainly defines OCI as a cost-saving solution.

Uniqueness of Oracle

Till now, we have been comparing the two solutions OCI and AWS on the basis of similar features possessed by both of them. Now, let’s check out what makes Oracle special. To put to your notice, Oracle is the only Cloud Service Provider that provides Performance-Based SLAs (Service Level Agreements).

Till last year, brands like Amazon and Azure provided SLAs that only cover resource handiness. That is, when the product is launched, you will be given an encoded amount of resources to strengthen infrastructure needs throughout the time duration of your agreement with the company. But the new Oracle SLAs ensure that the OCI will offer more than 90% of published performance every day within a specific month. If the performance seems to be declining below the given time¸ Oracle users may ask for free service credits to reimburse. This type of mutual answerability is never seen before in the industry. This gesture for clients by Oracle shows its determination to attend the concerns that various businesses face while moving from on-premise to cloud.

Considerable security pretention

Oracle ensures a strong security posture for its EBS users moving onto OCI. Its superior security architecture guarantees utmost security for the users. Almost every cloud provider provides network and input/output virtualization inside the hypervisor, while Oracle applies Off Box virtualization, thus offering the highest protection.

So, if the concern of security is something that is stopping you to target EBS migration, choose OCI and stay assured of the top-class line security corroboration by installing data assets in an isolated way, far away from other users and the staff at Oracle.

Keep in Mind

Regrettably, most businesses usually misjudge the amount of work involved in migrating, which further results in considerable wastefulness of money and time. This can lead to business turmoil.

To make migration a legitimate affair, it is recommended to outsource this technical task to a managed service provider who would assist you throughout your journey of migration. Grab this piece of advice or risk to lose all the benefits that come with Oracle Cloud accompanied by big losses that would drastically risk your business goals.

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