Key Privacy Features to Look for While Choosing Perfect Analytics Solution

by Komal Mishra
Nov 17, 2020

Post-GDPR world has obligated all the companies to precisely display their trustable and lawful operational environment to their end customers, an environment that goes well with the human rights and flawless principals. For this reason, it is essential nowadays to choose and hire digital analytics service provider that enthralls customer privacy at the center of the business approach.

By ensuring that customer privacy is the topmost priority of your business market strategy, you as a company can power GDPR-compliant, top quality data to develop a righteous cycle and build trust among customers.

When you’re choosing a digital analytics solution, it is important to choose an analytics service provider that keeps your data privacy on the top of its list of services. Atomic North is one such global analytics company that supports complex digital strategies with exceptionally opportunistic features, while ensuring data protection and privacy. By having an alliance with this company, you could be rest assured about the top class GDPR-compliant analytics partner that well understands your business security needs and stays transparent in everything it does.

Now, let’s have a look at the top privacy features that Atomic North offers to provide your kind of analytics solution. These features will also help you to understand how to maximize the value of privacy-driven analytics.

  1. The company defines personal data based entirely on Article 4 of the GDPR.
  2. Its Rights of the Data Subjects absolutely comply with the GDPR definition of personal data.
  3. It commits non-sharing with a third party or using it for its own personal use. In fact, its customers have complete ownership of their data, irrespective of any circumstance.
  4. Customer-audience data is totally processed and stored in EU (European Union).
  5. Its ways of tagging bring up a set of transparent and easy to assimilate attributes to aptly handle approval and avoidance.
  6. The company presents all these approval management methods in clear and precise online citations.
  7. Its lawful tactic towards customer approval brings in best data quality with minimized risk of data loss.
  8. It has its own legal team that is proficient and specialized in data privacy so as to assist customers in their agreement strategy, in addition to providing round the clock customer support system through its qualified analytics consultants.
  9. Its DPA (Data Processing Agreement) has easily accessible, transparent documentation, thus ensuring full lucidity in providing valuable information to the customers, for their end users.   
  10. The company has enduring relations with the main EU protection authorities and is constantly working to ensure additional DPAs for customer data privacy and protection.

Why Choose Atomic North?

With its privacy-driven methodology, this company ensures minimal risk in term of—

  • Fine for non-GDPR compliance
  • Individual/specific grievances
  • Long-tail breach costs, i.e., breach management, notification, and post breach  
  • Misplaced business
  • Brand status damage

With the above key features that the Atomic North offers, it is obvious now that partnering with such digital analytics service provider brings in a reform for a company in terms of user data security and safety. So why wait? It’s time to bring in the much-awaited difference in your business!

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