Significance of sanitizing every COVID-19 news before sharing it on any online platform

by Komal Mishra
Nov 23, 2020

It’s very much human to get alarmed by the huge data of the present pandemic news. The fact is that in this scenario, as we often become dazed with several COVID-19 news, the feeling of fear and anxiety trigger us a lot. Every individual today seems to have his/her own perception of this pandemic, and it is largely due to the vast volume of information bothering us with multiple thoughts almost all the time. Now the question is how and why should we grasp only relevant news and not every news about COVID-19?

The global analytics leader says that the data does assist. Data is technical, accurate and is based on considerable points. Moreover, it is factual and grants us to stay away from any kind of emotion pertaining to the threats such as COVID-19.

SAS software is dedicated to assist everyone to use real-time data to analyze correct news of COVID-19. SAS collaborated with The News Literacy Project that advices everyone of “Sanitize before you share” any news online, SAS has reached a step ahead to assist people distinguish between truths and misrepresentation of COVID-19 statistics. As we can prevent the virus from spreading further, we can also stop spreading of false information by practicing hygiene in sharing pandemic related data and records. This is the best way to stop COVID-19 distortion among people.

Here we have come up with some facts that would help you realize the difference between the valued and baseless COVID-19 data.

COVID-19 data explained

The panic created by COVID-19 cannot be overruled. Yet, we need to realize that we should look carefully at what’s being presented and not believe at just the face value of it. For this, we must constantly put up questions to the readers to know how much and what they have understood. 

Distinguishing between fact and opinion based news

It is very important to realize if the COVID-19 news is fact based or opinion based. Do not fall over opinion based news as they may differ with time, location and individual interpretations. With this intention, two SAS employees guest posted for The News Literacy Project and scrutinized COVID-19 data. While studying the effect of COVID-19 across borders or among discrepancies among communities of color, these data scientists observed thaw way the data can be misused in the media and the requirement to analyze the COVID-19 data beyond what it looks from forefront.

Queries Well Answered by SAS

Many among you would be curious to know about accurate COVID-19 data and realize the reasons why some regions/communities are more vulnerable to the virus? You can visit vulnerable populations’ dashboard and know all about the exact data used to create the dashboard.

To know more about COVID-19 resources delivered by SAS, you can visit GatherIQ, which is a shared platform for global citizens where they can assess share, and do a lot more for the world. Such tools accompanied by the guest blogs for The News Literacy Project, are the best platforms to stage the reality of this pandemic and wipe away all false notions associated with it.

Combatting Distortion with the News Literacy Project

The News Literacy Project is a fair national education nonprofitmaking venture and SAS is a proud partner of this venture. This public endeavor offers various programs and resources for instructors and public both so that they get to know the knacks needed to be a smart reader/viewer of news and updates and an active contributor in this democratic environment. As SAS stands as an industry specialist on data and analytics, it is truly focused on getting strong data literacy skills among people, thereby empowering them to gather the knowhow of data gathering.

It has been factually prove that SAS’ collaboration with The News Literacy Project is a favorable affair for both parties. The aim is common—educate the next generation of trendsetters, familiarize learners towards the actual data and handle info with a judicious touch.

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