Who We Are

Atomic North is a full-service technology partner with proficient skills, latest tools and the best-in-breed solutions to provide elevated support systems to your business on a 24x7 platform.

About Atomic North

Rapid evolution in modern technological landscape coupled with our progressive approach to implementing IT solutions make us the ideal partner to ensure a buttery growth of your business.

Quality support partners akin to Oracle, Microsoft and the like to enrich us with a strong base of systems to provide end-to-end scaled IT solutions to clienteles of any size. Committed to our core values of integrity and innovation, we make technology work for you and your business. Our broad industry experience woven with deep expertise in all aspects of IT management ensures that every project we meticulously undertake is a success.

What do we do?

With more than 20 years of experience in implementing enterprise solutions, we can guarantee the delivery of efficient solutions in all aspects of enterprise management. We at Atomic North excel in a wide range of IT services:

  • Human Resource Management Software, Long Distance Learning and E-commerce
  • Development of Oracle, Microsoft, OpenSource, SAP, Mobility and Analytics’ ecosystem competencies.
  • Providing private, public and hybrid cloud management as well as cloud security.
  • Application development for healthcare, real estate, education, manufacturing and government/Non-profit-organizations.
  • Providing end-user systems and network support.

The foremost strategy in creating a world-class solution is discovering and analyzing a project in a multi-dimensional way. Our handpicked teams look into each facet of your needs and make sure nothing is left out.


At Atomic North, we believe the best way to design a product is to set up a solid chassis for the final solution to capitalize on. Every niche is carefully looked into to understand your needs and plot a map towards the final solution accordingly.


This is where we get our hands dirty with the gritty work; operating tirelessly behind-the-scenes to develop and bring on board a world class Atomic North solution. Progressing through the project with our ingenious Agile work methodology yields what you need the most: a refined product with minimum chinks in the build.


At the final step of our 4D methodology, we refine and test the key features around which the solution is built. An able delivery for us doesn’t mean hastening to push the final product but rather ensuring strong client support for a solution which can cater to varied situations and beyond.

Our Team
Rohit Joshi

Director Application

Deepak Saxena
Director – Client Services
Jitendra Kumar
IT Delivery Manager
Munish Mittal

Sr. Cloud Architect

Vishal Karpatne
Project Director

CEO Speak

“We are a dynamic and customer-driven organization with lean and flat structure. By virtue of our size and agility, we are continuously improvising to provide innovative solutions to our customers. Looking ahead, we are steadfast to execute our growth strategy and nurture a knowledge ecosystem that brings value to both our customers and our employees.

Moreover, involvement of stakeholder management in day-to-day practices ensures each process is meticulously looked in to and refined giving our work a significant edge over others in the market. ”

CEO, Atomic North Pvt. Ltd.

Company Values

At Atomic North , we believe in keeping our company methodologies transparent, and our open Human Resources team reflects those values in all interactions whether it be with clients or employees.

Atomic North ’ growth and success are steered by our commitment to our Six Core Values that include

  • Being Efficiently Effective
  • Teamwork
  • Achieving Excellence
  • Using Good Judgement
  • Customer First
  • Staying Nimble

Maintaining a high level of integrity within our company is the foundation of these Core Values. We commit ourselves to high ethical standards and maintain a reliable solution delivery for all our clients we partner with.